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I know what most of you were thinking, "That motherfucker Rob Waz is never gonna write another 40oz of Wisdom, and you know what…I'm glad because they weren't that good to begin with." Well, I'm back and I fully admit that I slacked like hell and deserve to be beat. To punish myself, I've had a slow drip of water going on my forehead all morning as I sit in a tub of Icy Hot writing this. I'll never slack off again.

Many things have been happening in the Uptown world. First of all, we have a new drummer in the band by the name of Mr. Alex Platt who is kicking up a percussive storm. You can catch him on display this Saturday at Highland Grounds. (See the upcoming shows article on the homepage) Second, I'd like to let it be known that we are going to release our CD very soon. It's taken a bit longer than expected to finish things up and numerous people have approached me with comments such as:
-"The end of May my ass, where the hell's your CD!"…Paul (my mailman)
-"You guys are liars, you never recorded shit!"…Kerri Mahoney (my girlfriend)
-"I want a CD now bitch!"…Jeff Waz (my brother)
-"It's too late now, I don't even want the CD!"…Dr. Carney (my therapist)
-"Uptown sucks and Rob Waz is a bastard!"…Msgr. Cowley (my priest)

The music part of the CD is actually finished, and we apologize for the delay in finishing the artwork, publishing, etc, but it will be rolled out at a CD release party soon.

Next, I'd like to say that I've been very happy that we as a nation have our priorities in order. We like basketball and football but we don't watch soccer. This is good because soccer is boring as hell. We like our fries super-sized, because why only have a pound of grease and potatoes if you can stuff down two. We don't listen to the music of David Hasselhoff, because David Hasselhoff should not make music, he should spend his time with talking cars. And last, but not least, we like to keep our kids dumb as hell, because stupid kids are much easier to push around than those mouthy, intelligent children.

As most of you know, California is now short on cash, to put it mildly, and education is going to be cut. There's just no way around it. In fact, 17 states have had to cut their budgets for education in a drastic manner in the past year with 12 planning to do so again in the coming year. The thing that really irritates the hell out of me is that out of all the money spent on education nationally, the federal government only provides about 7% of the money.

Now for those of you who don't recreationally study economics (who's missing all the fun now?), let me explain that while states are required to balance their budgets each year, the federal government is allowed to spend spectacular amounts of money it doesn't have. The current administration has not been the slightest bit timid about running up the largest budget deficit in US history by spending money on all types of things, mostly involving combat pay, proximity fuses, and a huge tax cut that mostly benefits the poor souls that have the misfortune of making over $200,000.00 per year. Now I'm not a budget policy expert, but maybe instead of writing a huge tax cut that mostly benefits people who frankly don't need the help, we could have better used that money to help states pay for education. It's almost criminal that our president can claim to be an advocate for education through his "No Child Left Behind" mandate, but not leave school districts enough money to finance the plan. Many school districts are saying that cuts will have to be made in programs like music and art to find the money to comply with all of the federally mandated testing in the president's program. It just sucks that education gets such a low priority in this country.

Maybe we should just say screw high school and just set up the Gang Banging Academy where students can get take classes such as Gun Craft 101, Drive By Shooting Techniques, How to Take A Bullet and Live, and Jail Cell Shower Etiquette since it's obvious that our government, now more than ever, doesn't give a shit about helping the plight of the poorest kids in this country. In my humble opinion, education should at least be as much of a priority as occupying foreign countries.

Now that I've pissed everyone off, I'd like to address something much more serious. The ants are waging a battle for my house and the little bitches really mean it. I step on them….They send more……..I spray……They send more…….I yell curses at the walls……They laugh at me………I cry on the bathroom floor…..They dance with glee. If they take me in the night, I leave my CD collection to Aaron. I'll report fully on this at a later date.

In closing, I'd like to give out props to my friends in the band Hawkeye. Their CD release party was stellar this past weekend as is their CD, and I became sufficiently intoxicated at it as to sing along with several songs. I should note that part of my intoxication credit also goes to Scott Bly and Amy Atchity who had the kindness in their hearts to supply me with copious quantities of alcohol at their parties. God bless them all.

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy birthday to Courtney. She works that mailing list like she means it.

I'm out,

Rob Waz

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