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I wear women's clothes. FBI Director
Dir. Robert Mueller
"We will stop at nothing to put an end to this cancer called The Uptown Rulers. They are assholes."

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it's the same thing

I'm scared and want to go home

I have blowers cramp.


"Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" are the foundation of the greatest country in the world - the United States of America. Recently we've seen a shift in the climate of the world. The fundamentals we hold true have been compromised by those of low social and moral character. As a result, the FBI, CIA, ATF and US military forces have united to declare war on The Uptown Rulers. We ask that the American people support our movement and review the following seized communication, intended for record executives and promoters:

4821 E Sepulveda Blvd #307
Culver City, CA 90230

Uptown is evil, children. What is it like to experience The Uptown Rulers? It's a display of rock, hip-hop, and funk that grooves relentlessly, a live show that exudes non-stop energy, and melodic hooks that are contagious. The intensity and passion from the stage is infectious. They are entertaining without a doubt.

The Uptown Rulers are based out of Los Angeles, California and have shared the stage with world renowned acts such as George Clinton and P-funk, Fishbone, and Digital Underground. They continuously win over new fans with their unique blend of propulsive grooves, rocking chorus's, and a live show that brings an excitement that captivates audiences.

The members of the band have extensive musical backgrounds. Vocalist-songwriter Rob Waz comes from Philadelphia, PA where he studied jazz at Temple University and honed his songwriting skills while sharing the stage with national acts such as Smashmouth, Everlast, The Bare Naked Ladies, The Offspring, G-Love, and The Specials as a member of the rock band The Freakin' Cads. While at Temple he met lyricist C-Dub who was studying film and developing his love of hip-hop into a distinctive lyrical voice.

Who's a bad girl?Rob Waz and C-Dub met guitarist Aaron Gitnick in Los Angeles. His wide scope of influences that stretch from Hendrix to Trey Anastasio was a perfect fit for The Uptown Rulers. The band was rounded out by the bass and drum paring of Jesse Anderson and Alex Platt. The rhythmic precision they draw from influences that range from Prince to The Red Hot Chili Peppers is obvious.

The Uptown Rulers are currently performing throughout California in support of their debut release, "The World According To." Look for them to rock a place near you.

With your help, the following are no longer a threat
our public safety.
Bye, bye boys


someone kill him
Osama Bin Laden

I'm so angry
Rob Waz

must... look... hard...

I'm crying on the inside
Aaron Gitnick