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UPTOWN FILE: #422152
NAME: Johnny Watkinson
RANK: Admiral of Da' Booty
SPECIALTY: Smackin' that ass!

Show: Vynyl
What: "They Look a Little Fruity"

I first met the band known as The Uptown Rulers in the summer of '01. They had recruited me to do a photo shoot for the band's demo CD. My first reaction was, "Boy, this gang was horrible dressers." And what was with the name Uptown Rulers? If they were from uptown, why were we shooting downtown? Were they talking about California because Chris and Rob were from Philadelphia? And what the hell were they rulers of? Oh well, I figured I hadn't heard them play, maybe their talent made up for their bad dress and bizarre name.

As the afternoon wore on, we took some funky shots of the band. Rob standing in front of his natural habitat - a strip club (or, as classy people like to call it, a gentleman's club). Aaron scaling a wall and Chris in his hot pink sunglasses made for some excellent shots! Even if they did look a little fruity. Nothing beat the shots of the band running across the highway. Putting your life on the line for a demo shoot, somehow makes it all worth it. I would have felt really bad if one of the band members had been plowed down by a semi. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. The image of the band running across the highway, with Chris lagging behind like a lost puppy was priceless. I could just picture what was going through his mind. "Yeah, go on without me! I'm only the fucking lead singer!"


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