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Rob never touched that girl

Karoly once killed entire family

Aaron can please seven women at once

Jesse made love to Ann Heche

kings wear the crown

learn about us

secrets secrets secrets
aren't they cute

UPTOWN FILE: #422152

NAME: Rob Waz
RANK: General Bone
SPECIALTY: Lead Vocals, Sliding the Bone

                  UPTOWN FILE: #666666

   NAME: Reverend C-Dub
   RANK: Administer of Information
   SPECIALTY: Vocals, Verse & Rhyme

UPTOWN FILE: #556783

NAME: Aaron Gitnick
RANK: Strategic Defense Initiative
SPECIALTY: Guitar, Bringin' the Big            Guns

   UPTOWN FILE: #546798

   NAME: Alex Platt
   RANK: Rhythmic Impresario
   SPECIALTY: Drums, Non-Linear                 Deconstruction

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