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We'd Like To Say Thanks To.....

There were much too many people to thank on our CD liner notes, and hell, I know you'd rather have the song lyrics (so that's the jacked up shit he says...) than a list of names of people you don't know. Anyway, we owe much thanks to the following people....

The following friends and loved ones have made The Uptown Rulers very happy in that they've been down since day one: Kerri, Courtney, Chelle - The Big Three; Kalai, Jen and David, Jeff, Jessica, Matt, Sister Julie, Clint, Scott, Jason, Johnny, Todd and Liz, Amy and Sean, Megan, Brenda, Cicely, Jenn, Tom, Mr and Mrs Gitnick, Courtney and Cabo, Chi Chi

Thanks to everyone that has ever been an Uptown Ruler: Neel, Kevin, Karoly, Jesse, The Nate Meng Show (honorary)

Thanks to the engineers and bookers who put our sound down and got it out to the public: Bryan and Rob at World Champ Recording Studios, Anthony at Xtream Audio Mastering, Jenn at 14 Below, Wood Fowler, and Seth at thelamusicscene.com

Much love to the following bands that have supported us: Hawkeye, Even Pete, Velvet Bud, Vertices, Smoking Flowers, The Freakin' Cads

Thanks to the Moms and Dads.

Much love to anybody who has ever experienced an Uptown show.

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